Chai Tea, Please!



There’s something about a lush and elegant yellow during the winter time that makes everything pop! It’s a seasonal color with so many brilliant shades that are showing up in all my favorite collections. I love the muted seafoam and pistachio tones, as well as the bright chartreuses and shamrock’s that are giving a whole new vibe to runway and street wear.

The top from JDY called ‘Chai Tea’ and the only thing that I cloud think of was tea. It was so cold that day! I can’t handle the winter though…

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year!



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Teddy Coat


Why suffer cold as it can be different. The must have trend teddy coat is back! This coat will save me during the winter. It’s so cozy, warm and stylish. You can buy it everywhere and in every price range. Also, you can find it in different lengths. I choose for the bomber model for an edgy look. Do you know that feeling when you see a piece and already have so many combinations in mind?  This is how I felt when I saw the coat in the store. Now I can cuddle my coat when I’m waiting for the train to stay warm. It’s a good feeling!


Great Green



The off the shoulder dress has become a predominant dress silhouette in the past few years. Contrary to what some fashion advocates may say, this trend continues to grow in popularity.

I’m so in love with this trend. I am 100% for this trend sticking around forever! Anyone else LOVE this trend? And for sure I love the color. My all-time favorite color. This dress is also super cute paired with white and a colorful bag. Show some skin because it’s spring!




The must-have​ ‘Fanny Pack’


I must confess, at the beginning, I had my doubts about this trend. But meanwhile I have to say, it has become one of my favorite trends for this season.

Fanny Packs are back. I still remember how Fanny Packs were worn at festivals or on the streets. When the trend first came up, I was just about 7 years old. As fast as the trend has come, it has disappeared from the scene and was considered as a fashion no-go for a while. However, with most trends repeating after a few years, the fanny pack trend has again secured a place in the front row of the fashion world and it is a must-have.

At the beginning of this trend, I had my doubts because I did not know how it prevails and whether I like it at all or not. In the meantime, I have to say that the trend not only looks good but is also very practical. The bag offers a lot of room for maneuver. The most important things can be carried very close to the body and at the same time, I do not need my hands to hold the bags. I like to wear the look in the sporty leisure look but also with a dress or blazer. You can wear it on your waist or like I did over your shoulder.

Get the look:


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Sparkly Sporty


In my opinion there should be more colors in The Netherlands. More colorful buildings and streets are a must. Like this pink wall in Rotterdam that is made by Sandra Kleine Straatman (fashion blogger) aka more style than fashion. It fels like I was in California. Not only the location was good but also the sun was shinning, so it gave me a California dream.

I like to sparkle my clothes a little bit during the winter and especially the month December. This sweater from Monki is just a must have, cause it is not too shiny. Most people don’t like to buy a sparkly item. They think that you can only wear it during the holidays, but that is not true in my opinion. Try new things and wear sparkle with sporty like I did for this blogpost. These trousers from Zara are everything for me, cause they are so comfy. I didn’t want to make this outfit too sporty, so I wear this outfit with my all time favorite boots.




Easy outfit



We all have those days when you don’t want be overdressed or you try outfit after outfit,  but nothing fits good. Especially when I wake up for school I don’t want to take too much time to wear something special. These trouwers from Costes Fashion are just a must have for those days, because it is super comfortable and you can wear it with everything. I choose for a oversized sweater from Bershka, I already wore it as a dress (you can find the picture of it on my Instagram.) You can also wear it with a top, blazer and boots or heels to give it a chique touch.

Trouwers Costes Fashion (online not available only in store)
Sweater Bershka |
Bag Stradivarius